1968 Yenko Camaro S/C 427 Super Car


This 1968 Yenko Camaro is coming out of a renowned longtime private collection from a well known private collector. It's a COPO Camaro and it is 1 of 64 produced and 1 of about a dozen still in existence today. '68 Yenkos are in fact more scarce than the '67 or the '69 model year Yenko SCs. Each carefully handcrafted at the Cannonsburg, PA facility of Yenko Chevrolet and Don Yenko. It is Yenko Supercar #8021- order #113453 under the COPO 9737. Sports car conversion package. Fully documented by Mr. Ed Cunneen of the Copo Connection as well as being registered with the Super Car Registry (SYC). The sports car conversion package (COPO 9737) consisted of a 140 mph speedometer, special carburetor, and heavy duty suspension. The Yenko dealership finished the
unit with a special fiberglass cold-air hood, 427/450 hp. short block, 14 X 7 Pontiac II rally wheels. Custom made "Y" Yenko center caps for the Pontiac rally II wheels were placed on all '68 Yenko Camaros when the rally II wheels were ordered by the customer. These wheels were one inch wider than any 14 inch wheel available from Chevrolet that model year in 1968.

This very car was specifically engineered for drag race competition!!! All 1968 Yenkos were outfitted with a Muncie M-21 4-speed transmission and air spoiler package. With a pedigree that dates back a long time. It appeared on the front cover and "feature car" of the September 1989 edition of Musclecar Review magazine. The article also featured none other than the "Legendary Big Daddy Don Garlits behind the wheel." Speaking of Musclecar Review magazine, the creation of Don Yenko was carefully restored back to its original state of condition. During the restoration every attempt was made to replace every nut, bolt, part and part number back to the way it left the assembly line and Yenko dealership. Being verified and closely monitored by Musclecar Review magazines "restoration editor" and "Yenko historian" Greg Donahue. Then displayed at the Talledega Motor Museum in Talladega, AL. It then made its way to Niagra Falls, NY 1998 for the United Camaro Club "Camaro Nationals" event. It was carefully judged and went away with Gold honors. Its quality and rarity was so dine still by 2001 that it made its way to the Amelia Island's Concours d'Elegance where it laced first in its class. Again all of this being fully documented. Then featured on the popular TV show Speedvision Autoweek in November 2001, at the famous Indianapolis Raceway Park (IRP). If you desire the rarest and best Camaro Supercar available- this is it!!! Whether you are a serious collector or a careful investor, this is where the prestigious buck stops. AGAIN.. ONE of the FINEST Chevrolet Ponycars in existence today!!!




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